Letter to the Editor: Republicans are not helping economy


With all the need to create jobs in America, and all of the rhetoric coming from the Republicans about how the Democrats are not doing that fast enough, one wonders why the first bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee under the watchful eye of Sen. Bob Goodlatte and then passed by the House is an anti-abortion bill.

I believe that if the Republicans were to put as much energy and creativity into helping to solve our job crises in this country, as they have into fighting abortions, same sex marriage and Obamacare, that we would have it solved by now.

The fact that they have not done that tells me that all of their rhetoric about Obama not helping to create more jobs is not only misleading, it is insidious.

They are not putting their back to the wheel to help our economy regain its footing, no matter what they say. And their insistence that we give more money to the military industrial complex is bankrupting us.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley