Letter to the Editor: Rethink that sabbatical


Bob Lowerre’s commentary of Dec. 24 in response to previous commentary from yours truly earned this humble response. With all due respect to his lighthearted writing, I was most impressed with the contest of his feedback which yielded a degree of merit for my argument opposing Obamacare, the subject of my earlier commentary.

I sense some mutual agreement from Lowerre on my opinion of the Obamacare website, blunder that it is. The rollout is disastrous and the systemic plan for success is flawed. But he goes on to imply that my view on Obamacare is part of the fevered Republican stance due to its hatred of Barack Obama. Well, I do not hate Obama, but I do loathe his politics.

Lowerre made it sound as though the hate word is infused into the conservative mindset while never being allowed to permeate the liberal thought process. Oh how devine, the politically correct. Could it be that Martin Bashir, Chris Mathews and Ed Schultz skipped their hate studies?

Lowerre states he also opposes the Affordable Care Act in its present form and that he strongly supports a national health care system like those adopted by European socialists Franz Joseph and Kaiser Wilhelm. Well, if one is bold enough to support a socialist health care system in America, then I rest my case. I like this sound, ie., if you like your personal freedom, you can keep your personal freedom, period.

Lowerre’s assertion that the GOP would have the government rule over most intimate personal decisions and would criminalize those who would defy such efforts is incorrect and defenseless. A basic GOP tenet is support for limited government and individual freedom as set forth in our Constitution. Socialism transforms free citizens into plebeian subjects of overreaching and overregulating federal control.

As I see it, any support for socialist programs in America should convince Americans to continue the fight for freedom because of programs like Obamacare and others that diminish our freedoms. I enjoyed reading Lowerre’s commentary, but he may want to rethink that sabbatical he mentioned in his opening paragraph.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City