Letter to the Editor: Strasburg: How about some common sense?


Here we go again! The Strasburg Town Council has come up with more ideas for spending. Now they are looking at some signs for Interstate 81 to bring in more tourist dollars (they say).

Councilwoman Jocelyn Vena said, “I can’t see putting out this kind of money for a Strasburg tourist info center that right now, technically, is not in our ballpark.” I totally agree with her position.

If Strasburg wants to spend money, than serve the people who live here! Bring back the leaf pick-up service for starters, instead of throwing more plastic bags into the landfill. What is the use of a recycling program if these bags merely go back into the Earth? And that’s where they are going, folks!

I believe there are people living here who are growing weary of this town’s efforts to turn into “Ole Town” anything, from the fake brick sidewalks and flowers planted everywhere, to ripping-up pear trees (that obviously were poorly planned) to purple signs. Good heavens! Does it really enhance all of those closed up stores on main street?

Many people are still trying to recover from lost jobs and rising cost. How about some common sense now? And when everyone is rich and happy to spend more money, then go for the fluff.

Why don’t you ask the people who actually live here if this is where we need to speed money? Let’s vote on it before your “deadline.”

-Diana Snarr, Strasburg