Letter to the Editor: Turn park management over to the state


I read with interest/amusement Tuesday’s front page story about how the federal government is going to be so kind as to open our Shenandoah National Park this year, just later than usual, for the second time in as many years.

Is anyone else tired of the feds treating our park like it’s their own? This park is ours, the people of the United States. The federal government has mismanaged this park for many years now. It’s long past time for this national treasure to be turned over to the state to manage.

I read some weeks ago in the Northern Virginia Daily that there are some Virginia legislators who are thinking of making this a reality. I am retired and would be willing to work in whatever capacity to see this happen. Let’s get this park and turn it into the people’s park as it was intended.

G.A. Settle, Front Royal