Letter to the Editor: Let supervisors see school data


Our Shenandoah County school administrator is granted, by our six member Board of Supervisors, the ability to spend a large amount of the taxpayer’s money.

Why should the administrator be allowed to keep secret where that money is being spent from any one of these six people who were elected to safeguard this limited, precious resource?

Districts 4 and 5 have elected representatives who promised to scrutinize the next budget, thereby, attempting to ward off yet another county real estate tax increase. Our school administrator holds the necessary financial records and refused to provide them.

If there is a reasonable defense for keeping secret how our county’s taxes are being spent, I have not heard it. Should elected representatives, authorized to vote, in our name yea or nay, accept the notion of paying hundreds of dollars for records held by county employees?

Our six districts are not islands. Happenings in one affects all. President Thomas Jefferson, who was there when independence was being fought for, said that “The voice of the American people was to be heard” that “this was the world’s best hope.” Our supervisors need to hear the voices; otherwise, secrecy is winning the argument.

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley