Letter to the Editor: Why do our delegates want us to suffer?


The Republicans in the House of Delegates in Virginia are wasting millions of dollars. How come we are not up in arms about this?

I thought they were trying to save this state money. Yet, when one of their own, William A. Hazel Jr., informs them that they can save $1 billion over the next decade if they expand Medicaid now, they refuse.

Instead of saving the state money, they are wasting it because the poor will still get sick and taxpayers will still pay for their treatment at hospitals and emergency rooms; it just will not be called Obamacare.

Unfortunately, though, many will die because they will not have the full coverage that they could have had under Obamacare that would save them. So, not only are our Republican delegates costing us millions each year they delay, they are imposing on us a deathly lottery akin to the “Hunger Games.” Some of us are going to die as a result of what they are doing.

It is clear from this behavior that they do not care about their constituents. They only care about winning some kind of political game that is disconnected from life in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They have bought into some fancy idea that if they just turn their back on all that money from the federal government that somehow they are winning something.

What pray tell are they winning? It is not fiscal responsibility. It is not a healthy outcome for their constituents.

Then what do they know that we do not? Is it something they learned in secret meetings with the American Legislative Exchange Council? Why not let us in on the secret, because we are suffering unnecessarily under the weight of these taxes that we pay to cover these health bills of the poor and elderly on Medicaid.

Why would they want us to suffer like this? Will somebody please tell us why we must continue this suffering! Anyone? Delegate Gilbert? Delegate Berg? Delegate Wilt? Delegate Webert? Delegate LaRock? Delegate Jones?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley