Letter to the Editor: Shenandoah County taxpayers need a break


I read with great dismay that Shenandoah County is facing a budget shortfall for fiscal 2015. My dismay deepened significantly as I read that shortfalls will most likely continue to occur given the funding needed to run a successful county government.

My question goes to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors: What depth of monetary resources do you believe exists among the homeowners in your county?

Residential real estate taxes seem to be the backbone of the present revenue structure, 77 percent in fact. When will the board start considering economic development as a means of boosting county revenue?

It is not necessary to let Shenandoah County turn into a tangled mess of commerce and traffic to achieve revenue improvement. The development and approval of a well thought out and guided plan for limited land use would invite new commerce to Shenandoah County and with it a well deserved break for residential taxpayers.

We certainly need the break and a little increase in the choice of restaurants and shopping around here wouldn’t hurt either.

Debbie Culp, Woodstock