Letter to the Editor: A speed trap in Front Royal?


Remind me to steer clear of Front Royal in the future. It’s more than easy to do and may be more conducive to your pocketbook if you do so also!

My recent trip there was necessitated by a dental visit and was the first time necessary to frequent the town in at least three months. I’d consider changing dentists right now, but I appreciate the one I have.

For years now it seems obvious that Front Royal is aggressively attempting to shed its “one-horse,” “one-stoplight,” “Mayberry-like” image; however, my recent experience there hardly accomplishes this effort. In the past, rumors have surfaced about Front Royal being rife with “speed traps” and “traffic traps.” When heard, they were dismissed as probably “sour grapes” over some traffic violation rightfully deserved. Unfortunately, my basket seems full of “sour grapes” also.

Upon my trip to the dentist, I was pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle for failing to make a stop at a stop sign. I thought I’d have my “day in court” and plead my innocence. Needless to say, my testimony differed a bit from the issuing officer’s testimony.

Between his testimony and the brief conversation with him outside the courtroom where I informed him we would have to agree to disagree, he admitted he was parked up the street from the stop sign because people regularly ran the stop sign!

In my perception, such practices tend to fit the description of a “trap.” You be the judge. . Wouldn’t he be of greater service out patrolling then waiting for old people like myself to make traffic blunders?

The result of the fiasco is that I lost. Somehow the court cost of $50 outweighing the fine just sits unsettled in my brain. In conclusion, I sincerely wish Front Royal luck in shedding that “one-horse” image. Miracles do happen!

Larry J. Walters, Winchester