Letter to the Editor: Supervisor should attend her assigned meetings


If Shenandoah County Supervisor Cindy Bailey is truly “just trying to prepare as much as I can prior to the budget talks,” then may I suggest she attend the meetings of the committees to which she has been assigned? I was fortunate to serve for nearly five years on the Community Policy and Management Team and know how difficult it is to understand initially what is going on there.

The committee does indeed handle a large amount of money each year. Some of the money comes from the state and some from the county. The children and families served by the agencies represented on the committee are citizens of this county with complex needs that cannot be explained in the proverbial “25 words or less.” Understanding those needs, and the cost of meeting those needs, is critical for the supervisors, whom we elect to determine how our tax dollars will be spent.

I remember when another supervisor attended his first Community Policy and Management Team meeting and declared he had no idea how great the need was in this county for those services. He had seen only one month’s worth of cases, a small fraction of the overall need in the county.

If Bailey is unwilling to serve on this committee, I hope that someone will be found who will put in the time and energy necessary to understand its the workings and be able to represent it adequately in budget hearings. All of the citizens of this county deserve no less.

Esther Miller, Woodstock