Letter to the Editor: Being a supervisor is not a lifelong position


Good for the honorable Shenandoah County Supervisor Cindy Bailey!

Supervisor David Ferguson refused to listen to her during his handouts of committee assignments. His statement of, “I need to step back,” Ferguson said. “I need to review who’s available to serve on these committees if she’s not going to serve.”

Mr. Chairman, you’re just that, a chairman. The presiding officer — one who listens and works to preserve order — not give orders.

Ferguson’s remark of, “I wish that she would reconsider and participate like all board members are going to participate and help share the load” is pretty presumptive, in my opinion.

Twelve years of the same ol’, same ol’ could make for good reasoning why little has changed over time, with the exception of increased taxes and closing businesses.

Our forefathers were progressive and forward thinking. Shenandoah has all the makings of being an example to the rest of the commonwealth, yet the longer-standing supervisors on the board feel the need to spend funds to mingle, yet called networking, with the Virginia Association of Counties and the National Association of Counties, for over $10,000 in dues, plus costs. Attendees do not change that often, and counties remain counties.

We citizens of Shenandoah County are self-governing, and by election spoke loudly that being a board member is not a lifelong,self-employed position. Let’s move forward.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown