Letter to the Editor: Don’t take your eyes off of the highway


Having read the article in the Jan. 31 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily, “Texting ban not issue locally,” made me stop and think.

It went on to say “…it means that since the law became a primary enforcement law, it’s making some people change their behavior.”

I sincerely hope so. Or maybe they are just not getting caught.

I am a substitute teacher, mainly at Strasburg High School, and over the years have been called upon to teach in the driver education class quite a few times.

As a part of the syllabus, I have asked about family habits of texting and driving, and roughly three-quarters or better of the class stated that their parents often text while driving — with children in the car.

I gave them permission to respectfully ask their parents not to do so, and told them that “Mizz Kitty” said so. I then reminded them that they are precious cargo.

A two- or three-second lapse in attention while eyes are off the road can lead to tragedy. I asked them to discuss the class conversation with their parents. I hope that they did. I hope that the parents (and now these young drivers) took that to heart.

Kitty Miller, Strasburg