Letter to the Editor: Here’s a view of a conservative society


Assume for a minute the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 presidential election create a “win” for the Republican Party in all branches of the federal government. Assume also the Supreme Court remains in its present conservative makeup. Also assume the vast majority of state governments were likewise conservative.

Based on what I understand the present consensus views of the Republican Party nationwide are, and what has been proposed in various legislative efforts, this is a potential view of what our society may become:

1. Obamacare will be repealed in its entirety and our national health care will revert to the control of the for-profit health insurance industry and drug manufacturers.

2. Abortion will be illegal for any reason in any state. Period.

3. Corporations (to be renamed “Owners”) will dictate any and all matters relating to working conditions, pay and benefits. Profit is the only reason for business.

4. Gun ownership, while not mandatory, will be subject to absolutely no regulation anywhere. “Stand your ground” will become the national standard for resolving “in-your-face” conflicts.

5. Being born gay will be a crime.

6. Diplomatic relations globally will revolve around an “iron hand” policy and will not tolerate any nation or group that does not strictly adhere to the American democratic model.

7. Anyone living in the United States who cannot positively identify himself as having been born in the U.S. of parents who were both born in the U.S. will be deported to the nation of their apparent ethnicity. Physical walls and technological barriers will be constructed at the north and south borders of the U.S. to ensure no one else can enter the country without permission.

8. All future legislation regarding regulations on the environment or pollution will be voted up or down based on the amount of the contribution from the involved “owners.” The term “global warming” will be outlawed as a falsehood.

9. Educational institutions will be redesigned to provide skills-based training vs. “soft” skills education. “Liberal arts” and “philosophy” will be eliminated.

I sure hope I am wrong.

Lee Jette, Maurertown