Letter to the Editor: Say no to Carmeuse kilns in Clear Brook


The Frederick County Board of Supervisors has approved a waiver to allow Carmeuse Lime and Stone to build two 193-foot-high kilns capable of emitting 726 million pounds of green house gases and tons of other pollutants per year. Carmeuse is located across the street from Stonewall Elementary School and borders Clear Brook Park. The air quality index for this area is already one of the highest in the entire state of Virginia.

In December, I spoke before the board on behalf of the children of Stonewall Elementary, actually for all the children and citizens of Frederick County. I asked the supervisors to turn down the waiver.

No citizens spoke in favor of this waiver. Not one School Board member provided a voice to support the children.

The supervisors passed the waiver six yes to one no.

On Jan. 30, the state Department of Environmental Quality held a briefing in Clear Brook. Representatives discussed the massive permit that Carmeuse applied for to fire up the kilns, and other operations.

Only three people were in attendance. Notice of that briefing was announced only once on Dec. 26. Believe me, they do not want you to know about this.

There is another opportunity.

The next public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. March 11 in the Frederick County Board of Supervisors room.

I hope the public will participate. Anyone who has children attending Stonewall Elementary should bring them.

Anyone who enjoys Clear Brook Park should attend.

I would also invite anyone living in Frederick County to attend this meeting.

I sincerely hope our county elected officials, supervisors and School Board members will come to listen and learn about this effort by Carmeuse.

I believe we must tell DEQ and our elected officials this is not what we want for Frederick County.

We need to deny this massive permit.

We have one of the highest pollution levels in Virginia. If these 193-foot-high kilns are allowed to be fired up, you will not get a breath of fresh air.

Thanks, we’ll see you there.

Mark Regan, Clear Brook