Letter to the Editor: School newspaper keeping readers informed


The Stonewall Jackson High School’s “The General Gazette” staff sent me their January 2014 newsletter edition. I enjoyed it very much.

The front page articles concern “time management issues,” also how staff and students alike are searching for answers.

“What’s for Lunch?” by Katie Stover covers the benefits of having a 15 minute extended lunch time. Supported by Principal Mike Dorman and Ms. Swab (teacher and head of the school’s ARK program), the extra time is being used wisely by all. The music department and meaningful remediation are just two examples.

Kearra Berrenger covers Club Day Wednesdays, now meeting during assigned lunch blocks.

In the page two story “Three Cheers for Cheerleading!” by Darian Pierce, senior Hannah Dellinger describes team activities of “dance, stunts, tumbling and competition efforts.”

The “Breakfast with Santa” story by Gazette staff noted that the school’s SCA hosted its fifth annual Breakfast with Santa, and it was a great success. The Art Guild and SJ Choir made the event a real school accomplishment. Michelle Swab is the SCA faculty adviser.

One Act Play: “The Invisible Man” by the Gazette staff. This one act play written by John Wells and directed by theater arts teacher Trish Diachenko was one to remember.

I know Mike Dorman and his entire staff are so very proud of the General Gazette and all associated with it. Keep up the great work!

Marsha Shruntz, member of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors