Letter to the Editor: Congress needs to protect Virginia’s public lands


In his recent 2014 State of the Union, President Obama emphasized his commitment to preserving our public lands, and willingness to use his authority to protect them. Thankfully, Obama has already acted on this commitment by protecting public lands along California’s northern coast and calling on Congress to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund in his 2015 budget.

From Shenandoah to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia’s public lands contain some of the most beautiful sights in the country. People travel from around the country to spend vacations around these special places to enjoy these view sheds and take advantage of outdoor adventures. I’m encouraged Obama agrees that these places need full protection.

Now it is time for Congress to step up and give Virginia’s public lands the funding they need and the protections they deserve by fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund this summer.

Joanna Sandly, Arlington