Letter to the Editor: Make Leach Run Parkway a toll road


The Leach Run Parkway: so the town wants to build it, Vice Mayor Shea Parker wants to raise the real estate taxes to pay for it.

Here’s a different option: charge money to those who will use it, like the Dulles Toll Road. Why not? They are already turning this small country town into a big city.

Just look around folks, with your eyes wide open. They move here to our little town because they get tired of the big city lifestyle.Then they miss all of it.

Next, they start making changes, a little at time, turning our small town into a big city where it will be like what they had, and left. If they wanted that lifestyle, then they should have stayed in the city in the first place.

Tell Vice Mayor Shea Parker that this is a small town, not the big city. Make Leach Run Parkway a toll road. Let those who use it pay for it, not the town residents who don’t.

I live on the north end of town. The Leach Run Parkway is only to help those who live on the east side and the south end, so let those who will benefit from it pay for it — the county’s people and all the rest who need to use it. We already pay enough on our property taxes. Bad enough that we have to pay county taxes, on top of town. The county doesn’t pay town taxes.

Patrick Harvey, Front Royal