Letter to the Editor: Of course you want a raise! Don’t we all!


Shenandoah County teachers and school staff packed the board room as they did in the last tax increase meeting.

Comparing salaries with federal workers is far out of reach. Let’s be realistic and compare salaries with essential workers. Virginia Department of Transportation crews work around the clock, but they don’t get pay increases. Our state troopers are under paid, but they don’t get pay increases.

While I hold educators in high regard, the two largest employers in Shenandoah County is our local government and our schools!

Of course you want a raise! Don’t we all! State employees can’t storm the legislature, and the employees of retail — pfft! You’re out of luck — be grateful you have a job! Opportunities for growth of employers in the county are nil. We are losing business due to tax increases!

Let’s see some real statistics: what percentage of households are on food stamps? WIC? What percentage of our residents live in income-based housing, are on disability or Social Security? What percentage of homeowners are self-employed? Who rents homes and who owns? How many free school meals are we serving? What percentage of school staff live in Shenandoah County? What is your salary?

Educated decisions are what we ask of our board members, not majority over minority because you pack the board room! It looks ridiculous when the School Board refuses to hand over documents to a supervisor, but yet they can generate a W-2. When the School Board addresses you and not the roofs and boilers, it appears blind and plain stupid!

As a homeowner, I have nothing more to give at this point. If our county economy would grow, bring in jobs, tourist and other tax bases, I’d be more than happy to give. Right now, I’m busy giving to the water authority, electric company, the insurance company, the bank, and the county without any increase in my pay and trying to figure out how to keep services with the Toms Brook Fire Department so if I’m in danger, I don’t lose it all!

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown