Letter to the Editor: Why did House speaker kill bill?


Well, well, well. What do you know? Speaker of the House Bill Howell, who serves on the board of directors of The American Legislative Exchange Council, killed SB 500.

It passed the Senate unanimously, but he had it tabled in his committee by voice vote, so no one would know who voted to table it. No one said he was not clever as well as secretive.

He likes secrets evidently, because he had this bill killed this year since it would keep legislators like him from collecting expenses from the taxpayers for attending conferences where the agenda and the materials are not made public.

The public cannot know what goes on at such conferences like ALEC evidently because the corporations who show up there don’t want folks to know what they are up to with our legislators. Now why would that be? Of course it is not because if we knew we might get upset or something. You think?

Surely, nothing goes on at these conferences that would not be in the best interests of the citizens of the commonwealth. So, we had just better trust our speaker to do the right thing — except he did not.

The right thing would have been to pass SB 500.

Why we have to pay for Speaker Howell to attend board meetings and conferences of ALEC is beyond comprehension. Why doesn’t he just ask the corporations to pay his way, since they give “scholarships” to legislators to attend the conferences. You think the corporations are gathering our legislators together to tell them what laws they want them to pass? Surely not, but we’ll never know. It’s a secret! And we are paying for it to stay that way.

Anybody feel like their pocket just got picked?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley