Letter to the Editor: Alinsky’s playbook would spell disaster


Organized efforts from the left to surrender American freedoms in favor of some twisted sense of federally mandated social equality are undeniable. After all the struggles this country has endured, there are some who still support federal control over earned freedom. It denies common sense! Although difficult to imagine the end result of this capitulation from the left, I’m sure it will be a far cry from freedom.

The vision of one writer offers some insight into this madness. His vision proposes a procedure to be followed for the creation of a socialist state. An awareness of those steps might convince those who keep up with the politics of the current administration to make some comparisons. The steps include control over health care, guns, food, housing, income and education, removal of God from schools and government, dividing people into wealthy and poor groups, and increasing the poverty and debt levels.

Do these steps have a familiar ring? If so, maybe it’s because the writer, Saul Alinsky, considered by many as founder of the community organizing movement, was a driving force for Barack Obama.

Obama, a community organizer in the 1980s, was immersed in Alinsky’s teachings and at least one of his books, “Rules For Radicals.” Another Alinsky book, “Reveille for Radicals” may also have been an influence in fostering Obama’s political strategy. Regardless of how the influence pervaded his thoughts, it’s obvious that Obama practiced what Alinsky preached. Obama used a playbook that has failed America.

It’s also interesting to note that Hillary Clinton was and possibly remains a devoted Alinsky follower. She chose his work as a topic for her college senior thesis in 1969. Her book, “It Takes a Village,” also suggests the community theme.

Now there’s a thought to ponder – our current president and a potential presidential candidate both follow the teachings of Alinsky. He was able to influence at least two of our political leaders who may be determined to use his playbook as a procedural guide for the transformation of America from strength, independence and freedom to, well, a far cry from freedom.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City