Letter to the Editor: Delegates need to quit the fighting president


I have watched with keen interest the latest round of wrangling over local budgets and the need to raise taxes to cover public education expenses, tourism expenses, conservation expenses, salaries, pensions, etc.

I was amused with Shenandoah County Supervisor Cindy’ Bailey’s clever trick to get out the citizens for the budget public hearing by publicly denigrating the public school teachers in a letter to the editor of this paper. I wonder which public workers or officials she will target next, since she seems to have a bit of disdain for most of them, except maybe the current sheriff.

With all of the gnashing of teeth over raising taxes, I cannot help but wonder why no one was looking at the House of Delegates. They are willing to give up $5 million a day in taxes to the federal government for the sake of winning some ideological war with our president.

I’m not a math wiz or anything, but even I cannot see the benefit of turning down $5 million a day. Admittedly, that money would go to cover the expanding health care to hundreds of thousands of Virginians and not to the local government, but I cannot help but think it would actually trickle down to the local level through income for doctors and health professionals and hospitals and medical equipment companies, etc. Not only that, but it would free up hundreds of millions in our commonwealth budget to be redistributed, perhaps to schools, conservation, tourism, and such. That would be something our delegates could wrangle over for us that would do us some good.

How come we are not asking our delegates to look out for our local interests and quit fighting some stupid political war with our president. The Virginia Senate made a good compromise based on a Republican initiative that could save our budget, save us some tax money, and get back what we have already sent to Washington. We need to stop supporting delegates who will not look out for our local interests.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley