Letter to the Editor: Invest in our future – approve the tax increase


You have probably noticed a divide between people for the 5.5 cent per $100 of assessed value increase to the real estate tax and those opposed.

Those for the tax are generally associated with the school system. They are teachers, students, and parents of students. Those opposed to the tax are generally not directly associated with the school system. They are small business owners, people with no kids, and people whose kids are already done with school.

At first, this divide may seem logical because those associated with the school system are the only ones receiving benefits from this tax hike, while everyone is paying for it, right?


It is illogical for anyone to oppose this tax increase for it has enumerable benefits for all parties. Immediately, teachers will see an increase in pay. This will have favorable outcomes like incentivizing teachers to stay within the Shenandoah County Public School system, allowing teachers with second jobs to refocus on their one job of educating our youth, and attracting qualified young teachers to our district. These outcomes ensure that students are given the best education possible.

So if you are not associated with the school system, you are probably still asking how does this tax increase help me? Think of it this way, you are giving up a few tanks of gas now so that you can buy a car in 10 years.

On average, taxpayers will see a $150 increase in their yearly real estate tax so that we can give public school students better teachers and a better education. Students who receive a quality education from quality teachers are less likely to get pregnant, receive welfare, be incarcerated, repeat a grade, and to need special education services. Therefore, as a taxpayer, your mere 150 extra dollars paid now will reduce government spending on education exponentially in the near future.

The students you are paying teachers a bit more to educate will become valuable assets to our economy and will actually reduce the taxes you pay in the long run. Give up a few tanks of gas and buy a car in 10 years. It is only logical.

Savannah Hall, Strasburg