Letter to the Editor: Behavior of teachers in commentary is appalling


Same ol’, same ol’. Tax increase needed for schools and the public meeting is held “in the school buildings row.”

Yep, outnumbered before a “nay” can arrive. If a tax increase was requested for the dump, would the meeting be held there?

I have never heard such nastiness, self Importance and acts of bullying over anything in the county as to when it comes to teachers getting raises — same thing last year! I have to question the education and quality of education the children are receiving in the classroom, for children see right past a façade.

Every week a child approaches me with concerns: a teacher not being fair, not listening to them when they said they would later or letting a bully get away with something serious, or the teacher has said a bad word. These actions weigh heavy on the hearts of our children who care about right and wrong.

The behavior of teachers I’ve witnessed on Facebook, newspaper commentary and in the community has been appalling!

Representative Cindy Bailey posting on behalf of her constituents has brought American debate to an all time low from the very persons who are supposed to be teaching our children that America was built and holds strong on freedom of speech, debate, Roberts Rules, and representation.

Teachers are the only group that I am aware of who have representation through a board and are allowed to rant and rave on their own behalf!

Bashing Bailey for doing her job is an ignorant mob mentality! This is America! I’ve witnessed self-important arrogance screaming unintelligent remarks for their own self gain – it’s repulsive. Tax increases on the citizens last year for the schools certainly held a short impact of support that is forgotten. I hold no hope that the teachers raise will make them better persons. I hope I am wrong.

Rex Ingram, Maurertown