Letter to the Editor: Encourage others to remember days gone by


One day in November 2010, I went to visit my 94½-year-old brother. He mentioned an event that had occurred in July 1945 when he visited me in Manila. I wasn’t interested because it was old. That was the only conversation we had.

I went back a month later. He did not remember me and he was not aware of where he was going in his wheelchair. I pushed it up the hall into the dining room. In January, I learned that he had died.

If you visit a person who wants to talk, encourage it. He or she is trying to refresh his or her memory.

Why do we go to church? To restore our memories of people we see and refresh our memories of Bible stories. A church directory helps members to remember other people so they can send them a get-well card.

Family reunions and picnics help people to refresh their memories. If you don’t have any memory, what do you have?

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg