Letter to the Editor: It’s time to add funds to the school system


In regards to Saturday’s letter, “Teachers don’t leave because of money” — they leave because inadequate compensation is the very last straw. As a county, we want good jobs for our citizens. We should be praising a job that rewards education and provides living wages and benefits. We should be looking for businesses and industries that will provide similar excellent jobs. Let’s emotionally support all our citizens instead of tearing each other down.

Teaching today is a challenging professional career involving many extra hours of planning, grading, computer data entry and extra community events — such as the Big Give, which involves the whole community and fosters a sense of public service.

But, the school system is not about only teachers. It includes transportation, facilities, food service, administration and other professionals. The school system benefits the whole community, not just the students and teachers.

Yes, we need to spend wisely and cut where we can. Over the past several years, that is what the school system has done. The school system has cut costs and operated with an austerity budget. It is time to release some of that intense pressure and again fund some of the needs that have been postponed.

Suzanne Roulston, Woodstock