Letter to the Editor: Friendships developed playing disc golf


My name is Clark “The Claw” Putman. I was given that name in 1985 when people said they saw little pieces of plastic falling from my disc when I would drive a disc golf hole. Why? My fingers literally dug into the disc itself!

I have played disc golf since 1976 when the game was played with objects and not the pole hole that we throw into now. A benefit tourney was held last weekend at Sherando Disc Golf Park in Stephens City to help me during my fight. My illness is C.O.P.D. with fibrosis in my left lung. I am in stage two. Stage 3 is close to death. I am nowhere near that thanks to disc golf.

Like country music, those who play disc golf are a special breed of people. I have become a very wealthy man due to so many friends I have all across the world. My dream is in motion and I am going to try to meet our president and first lady to introduce them to the fastest family and single player sport in the nation as of 2013.

Disc golf can help you lose weight, give you a great cardio workout and you have super fun! My illness requires me to exercise or become much worse. So, disc golf is truly extending my life. I can only walk 100 feet at a time, then rest, to play even nine holes. It is exhausting, yet this is a true work out for me and super fun.

I finished fifth in the World Canadian Championship in 1987 in Toronto. I have set two world records and won many Professional Disc Golf Association, but nothing compares to giving a disc to a new player so he may have the chance to play the greatest game I have ever known.

Clark Putman, Stephens City