Letter to the Editor: Progressives oppose any form of social prejudice


It would be a breath of fresh air if the radical right would get a new line when demagoging progressives other than that old time worn nonsensical socialism/communism routine. Such rhetoric stems from either profound ignorance or gross embellishment to the point of lying. It reveals that they no longer live in a world of rationality.

Progressives take political positions against any form of social prejudice. It means that one works for equal pay for women. One works to see that women have equal access to higher education, equal opportunity in every area of society from religion to the military, to equal opportunity in business success.

It means that one opposes everything that holds up the glass ceiling on women’s aspirations and to be either president of the United States or the pope. It means that one builds a basic dignity into the social fabric of this nation which mandates that a safety net will always be present in our national life beyond which no one is allowed to fall. It means that one works for an equitable tax policy that will not allow the wealthy so many loopholes, only they can exploit, so they wind up paying a smaller percentage of their income than their secretaries or maintenance personal.

It means that one works to remove discriminatory laws against gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people. It means that one seeks to provide health care for all citizens wether they can afford it or not. It means that one does not allow workers to be exploited or to work in unsafe conditions. It means that society adopts a minimum wage high enough to allow one who works full time to be able to live on his or her pay.

It means that one does not allow an economic system to develop that grinds away until 90 percent of the wealth of this nation is in the hands of 1 percent of the population.

That is by no stretch of the imagination communism or socialism, rather it is the principles upon which humanism and Christianity are founded upon.

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal