Letter to the Editor: School Board needs to make budget public


Last week the Board of Supervisors met to hear public comment on the budget. Very unfortunately the Shenandoah County School Board has submitted a budget but no one really knows what is in this budget as they will not make their budget available for public scrutiny.

Every other government entity in Shenandoah County (including the Sheriff’s Office) has made their budget available. You can agree or disagree with the items in each individual budget — but at least the other government entities are not trying to hide what they are spending our money on — unlike the School Board.

Maybe the schools do need an increase — maybe they do not – but the School Board should not be allowed to duck and hide from public scrutiny.

It is high time that the Shenandoah County School Board join the 21st century and make public its next year’s budget.

John Massoud, Strasburg