Letter to the Editor: Stop bashing our children’s teachers


We now have Sunday hunting along with open season on school teachers and Shenandoah County employees it seems.

Over the past few weeks in newspapers, including the Northern Virginia Daily, we have seen these workers unreasonably attacked. Articles and letters have made a comparison to their salaries and that of jailers, policemen, and even fast food workers. No matter that neither case is a valid comparison.

We have seen letters telling the teachers to get out of town if they don’t like what they are getting paid. We have seen a letter attacking them for getting snow days off and working nine months out of the year. In the last instance, let’s not condemn the entire teaching profession because someone has a pet peeve with their superiors. We have seen hardworking county employees denigrated because they chose the line of work they did.

So, let’s visit the other side of the equation. Math may not be as simple as some would think. Teachers spend four years or more in college to be able to teach our children. That doesn’t come free! Does anyone really think the teaching profession is a 9 to 5 job? Many hours are spent in preparation after the school doors close. I read where on average teachers spend $485 of their own salary on supplies for their students. How many people in other professions reach into their pockets to do this?

We need to stop making apples and oranges comparisons. Let’s draw analogies to similar professions and jurisdictions. Condemning a work force because they chose the line of work they did is lame. Those who have made investments in their future and who made a more lucrative professional choice should not be condemned. And foremost, let’s not short-change our most valuable resource, our children. Let’s pay people who teach our kids fairly so we can have a quality educational system and our children can go on to better futures. If it means a tax increase for me, I’m ready to ante up.

Ron Golliday, Edinburg