Letter to the Editor: Suggestions about farm tags, fair share in taxes, county workers


Here are a couple of suggestions on the subject of teachers vs. the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors on raising revenue for higher salaries.

1. Shenandoah County farm use tags. You would have to buy a $30 sticker every year (just like state tags — $40) in order to display farm use on your vehicle. I’m a site supervisor for the Shenandoah County Sanitation Department and there are so many vehicles that come into my site that have these tags on and don’t own a farm. If the county can divert your state refund for lack of paid county taxes, then they should have no problem knowing which vehicles run these tags.

2. Have landowners pay their fare share in real estate taxes. I own 6 acres with a house and pay $1,100 a year. An acquaintance who lives in another state has 158 acres in this county with a house that they consider to be a vacation/second home. They pay $1,150 in taxes. All tax info is on the GIS website for Shenandoah County.

3. Have all county personnel drive their own vehicles to their place of employment to pick up their county-issued vehicle (sheriff’s department, fire/rescue, school system, etc.) – less money needed for upkeep on vehicles.

I agree teachers wear many hats in their classroom. Raise taxes and landlords will raise rent to still be able to get the revenue they are used to getting. Parents work long hours in under-paid jobs just to make ends meet, and that still isn’t enough.

For those teachers working on Sunday, do you need a raise or do we need more teachers? At the beginning of every school year kids are required to purchase a list of supplies for their class. Organizations gather supplies at local stores to distribute to the schools. Why are teachers spending on average $450 out of pocket? What supplies are needed and what are not?

The county needs to bring jobs here that will pay a decent wage — then you will have revenue in the tax base.

Carrie Plauger, Fort Valley