Letter to the Editor: Support the School Board’s 2015 budget


As a taxpayer, father of a second grader, and voter in Shenandoah County, I urge you to support the new school budget put forth by the Shenandoah County School Board.

Better schools are the best way to grow a community. By spending money on our children, who are our future, we are ensuring that things improve. If we can build a better education system, we, as a community, can draw more people in.

One of the things that people getting ready to move into a new area look at are the schools. If we can improve our school ratings, we can draw families (taxpayers) who are just starting out. In turn, this draws in more businesses (more taxes). Which then allows you to fund more projects and the schools.

You see, if you pay the teachers they buy stuff, and then the businesses can pay their help, and their help buys stuff, and they all pay taxes. My 8-year-old calls it the circle of money. He gets the basics.

The secret to making money has always been spending money. You must invest to get results. For too long we have not invested in our education system here in Shenandoah County. Here can be the first step. I urge you to take it, and run with it. It is not as aggressive as it could be.

Aaron Shane Ring, New Market