Letter to the Editor: Take another look at water service line protection


Recently, The Northern Virginia Daily published an article, “Authorities urge residents to read fine print on insurance requests,” regarding mailings Frederick County residents received from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions offering protection for residential water service lines. Home Emergency Insurance Solutions is a subsidiary of HomeServe USA, a BBB-accredited administrator of over 2.3 million service protection plans for more than 1.5 million homeowners across the United States.

While we at HomeServe agree that recipients should read advertising materials closely before making any purchase, in this case, there is nothing hidden in fine print. From HomeServe’s logo on the top of the letter, to the “Who Is Home Emergency Insurance Solutions” FAQ, our materials make clear that coverage is optional and is provided by a company that is independent of the local utility.

We are forthcoming about our service, because we believe in its value for homeowners. Many homeowners are not aware that when the water pipe between the street and their home bursts or springs a leak, it is usually the homeowner who is responsible for covering the cost of repairs, which can be quite expensive. In almost all cases, basic homeowners insurance and the local water utility do not cover repairs to these lines. Without coverage of the type HomeServe provides, the cost of such repairs can be devastating, particularly when, according to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 64 percent of consumers do not have even $1,000 on hand for emergencies. For a small monthly fee, our coverage plans protect homeowners from the unexpected expense and inconvenience of these repairs by providing a 24-hour emergency hotline and local licensed contractors to complete the repairs.

Over the last three years, HomeServe has performed over 800,000 jobs under our various service plans, delivering more than $150 million in savings for our customers, and customers surveyed after receiving repairs in 2013 gave HomeServe a 97 percent satisfaction rating.

We encourage homeowners in Frederick County to think about emergency preparedness and consider a water service line protection plan from HomeServe to protect against the expense and inconvenience of a water service line emergency.

Myles Meehan
Senior Vice President for Public Relations
HomeServe USA