Letter to the Editor: Teacher raises should depend on individual performance


I have the greatest respect for educators who put the time into teaching and preparing our children for the world they will be entering, and this letter does not reflect on all teachers.
But it is amazing to me that the same teachers who have been teaching our children are saying that if they get more money they will do a better job of teaching. Are they holding our children’s education hostage for more money?

Haven’t they been doing their best up until now? How do we know that if we give them a raise that they will do a better job? If they aren’t giving their best, maybe we would be better off if they moved on. So far they are failing miserably because children today cannot read, write or do math very well.

It doesn’t help that the administration is top heavy. If education is so important, why don’t they sacrifice some of their big salaries to help? All I hear is we need more money to improve the education system at the cost of the infrastructure’s. We don’t have money for both.

That 5.5 cent increase in the property tax will include teachers who also may live in county. That means they will need more money to pay for that, too. They get their health care paid for, and are upset that they are being asked to pay $2/month or 25 cents a week? Senior citizens can’t ask for a raise, and our expenses keep going up.

My thoughts are the same as the business world where I worked for 50-plus years. if you did a good job, you got an increase. If not, you didn’t. If the economy was down and the company wasn’t making a profit, we didn’t get an increase. That is what should be happening in our education system. First, show us you can bring up the level of education, then we will give you a raise as individuals, not across the board. This, of course, is the way of unions. Give one, give all whether they deserve it or not.

Sandra W. Engle, Mount Jackson