Letter to the Editor: Use forfeiture money or give citizens a tax rebate


Many, many thanks to Daily reporter Joe Beck for his insightful article, “Smuggling Cases Bring in Big Money,” which clearly explains the forfeiture process which has enabled Sheriff Timothy Carter to quietly amass “eye-popping” millions of dollars orchestrating illicit cigarette busts.

I find it both ironic and duplicitious that Carter has managed to keep his lucrative endeavors on the down low, all the while pleading the need for increased program funding from our cash-strapped county coffers. Seeing as he has had such convenient means to supplement his budget all along, I propose at least some portion of the sheriff’s county funding be reallocated during the next budget cycle to the schools, parks, senior services and all our other county programs that have no funding recourse and that have suffered terribly during these hard times.

Should that not be acceptable, a tax rebate with that portion of the sheriff’s budget would be wecome indeed. Certainly our supervisors, particularly those newest members who campaigned so ardently for political “transparency” and tax breaks for our citizens, would have to agree.

Amy DeVito, Woodstock