Letter to the Editor: We need ideas to hold the line on county budget


I went to the public hearing on the fiscal year 2015 Shenandoah County budget. At least that is what the very informative booklet we all got said. Although the budget had about 15 different categories listed, the entire discussion was about proper respect for our school teachers.

If someone objects strenuously to real estate taxes becoming so great they will be forced off their land, this means, ipso facto, lack of respect for great teachers! No!

Real estate is about to be reassessed. The last time that occurred many assessments were increased 50 percent and even more. No one knows what the new prison system we have become involved with will ultimately cost, or how dangerous it may be to transport prisoners many miles, many times. No one spoke for more salary for deputies at the public hearing, though.

The budget lists public schools-local transfers for a 10.6 percent increase, up $2,447,900.
Also, general government administration for a 13.9 percent increase. No other services listed come close to these increases.

We lost another one of our main businesses last year. C.E. Thompson Building Supply. We built our own house 35 years ago with their help. No one has taken over that beautiful location. Operating your own business is fraught with peril these days.

None of our government employees face that peril. Why couldn’t any of the highly qualified attendees at our public budget hearing have come up with some ideas to hold the line on the county’s budget?

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley