Letter to the Editor: We need to change Virginia’s election laws


Five justices on our Supreme Court just made it possible for those with the most money to have the most say in all of our elections — federal, state and local.

I wonder why it is so important for my rich neighbors in other states and localities to have any say at all in who gets elected to represent me and my community. What in tarnation would they know about what we need?

We need to change our election laws so that no one can contribute to a candidate except those folks who are going to be represented by that candidate. As a friend of mine said, what the Supreme Court just did is to give my neighbor the right to come into my house and rearrange my furniture to suit him just because he has more money than I do.

That is astoundingly ridiculous.

These five justices should be tarred and feathered. Absent that, we need to get our local delegates to introduce legislation to change the election laws in Virginia to allow only folks who are going to be represented by the candidate in question to be able to donate to his or her campaign. Let’s keep rich folks from other states and jurisdictions from influencing what we need our elected officials to do.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley