Letter to the Editor: County needs to investigate for fraud


I went to the meetings and heard all of the concerns. I would have to say that most everyone made some good points. However, Shenandoah County can’t pay out more money than it brings in. They also should not be raising taxes on the residents every time a program wants more money. We all need to do our part to be law-abiding productive citizens. This alone would save millions.

I have worked nearly everyday since I was 16. There is simply no excuse for anyone to say I can’t find a job. I have no education beyond high school but have never been without something to do.

I would make severe cuts to the local health and human services program. Every applicant under the age of 60 should be privately investigated for fraud. I hear of food stamp recipients buying groceries then selling them for cash to buy their beer, cigarettes and drugs.

I recently saw a healthy looking young lady walking out of the HHS building this week pushing her baby over to a car that I assume her boyfriend was in. The car was fixed up with $2,000 worth of rims. He was playing on his $400 iPad while filling the car with cigarette smoke for the baby I guess. This happens all day, everyday. Stop giving and they will stop moving to this county.

I just noticed the Toms Brook school house has some of the nicest automobiles around parked outside. I thought it was low income housing?

There are employment agencies all over Winchester. Send deadbeats down there and get a job. If you want to help them, they should have a free daycare for the children but make the parents work. If we create quality people our Sheriff’s Office can downsize.

I have lived here for 37 years and never walked inside a social services office. I would love to take a job with the county just to see how much money I could save them in fraud.

Larry Wine, Toms Brook