Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in bank’s decision to close branch

Along with many others I have received a letter from SunTrust Bank announcing its intention to close the bank’s Edinburg branch. As a resident family in Edinburg, I want to commend Roger Barbee for his May 8 commentary in the Northern Virginia Daily and this newspaper for publishing Barbee’s letter.

The notice of SunTrust Bank’s intention to close its branch bank at Edinburg shows a sad disregard for bank customers and for the citizens of Shenandoah County. As a very long-term customer of the bank, I found the letter from the bank’s Joseph Butts insulting, condescending and thoughtless.

I will not drive to New Market and continue to be a customer of SunTrust. I cannot incur the added cost of travel, the delay and the inconvenience. I deplore the bank’s decision to close the Edinburg branch.

I have been a customer of the bank for more than 25 years and am extremely disappointed in management’s decision to reduce the bank’s services.

James R. Morris, Edinburg