Letter to the Editor: Evil succeeds when people do nothing


I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Obama would take credit now for the most transparent and ethical administration in history as he was doing four years ago. There has been and continues to be an abundance of scandals, distortions and stonewalling since then and the list is still growing. If some cloud of truth and decency were to descend over the White House today, I doubt that enough would rub off to make things better. The final legacy of the Obama administration would not be complete without highlighting scandal and deception.

But just as surely as some things never change, the most troubling and morally despicable scandal, the VA health care waiting lists are just starting to unravel. This pathetic scheme involves a secret waiting list for veterans in need of health care to avoid the VA’s own internal rules and hide the truth about prolonged patient waits. Apparently, they simply shred the data regarding the truth about waiting times to make it appear as if they are meeting their goals for patient waits. Those on the secret waiting lists may wait for months to be seen for health care. At least 40 deserving veterans have languished and died, according to reports, because of these waits. The scandal started in Phoenix and has been seen in at least 10 additional states as of this writing.

VA Secretary Eric Sinseki stated on national TV that he was made as hell and I echo his feelings. If investigations reveal that he knew or should have known about this scandal, then the investigation should be expanded to include the White House where scandals are a dime a dozen.

Accusations are flying now but any proven scheme to embellish the records or “cook the books” at the expense of veterans health care is wrong as was fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, Department of Justice stonewalling and National Security Agency privacy intrusion. Evil succeeds when good people stand by and do nothing. That’s this veteran’s take.

Leroy McDonald, Stephens City