Letter to the Editor: Free, open access Internet is needed


I don’t know how common of an issue it is offline, but on the Internet communities that I frequent, net neutrality is a very large issue. As a young person, I can see that free and open access to the internet is a necessity for the future. The open flow of information is the a driving force behind innovation.

Unfortunately, many Internet Service Providers (Comcast and Time Warner especially) are threatening this by imposing a “fast lane” system that can end up with content providers and consumers paying extra to use services that they’ve already paid for. The FCC is going to vote on this issue soon.

It is my belief that the FCC should classify the ISPs as Title II common carriers, similar to telephone networks, power lines and gas pipelines. Failure to do so has the potential to do major damage to free speech, American Innovation, and the economy at large.

Michael Arnau, Front Royal