Letter to the Editor: Losing faith, trust in government


Patriots were considered traitors in 1776, and thank goodness that Andy Schmookler didn’t get a voice in Congress.

Nothing changes the fact that over 200 agents and snipers surrounded an American family that had been on the property dating back to the 1800s to evict them for Sen. Harry Reid and his China projects. When taxes rule and there’s oppression, corruption, and scandals, you have no rule of law, or social justice, and decency.

I lost all faith, and trust, and respect for the federal government after Waco and Ruby Ridge, where about 84 American men, women, children, babies, and expectant mothers were murdered by federals on American soil under the so-called rules of law, and then there’s the decay of the America that I love, and the murderers at veterans hospitals in the United States, and homeless veterans across our land, when our government caters to foreign nations in aid, and you wonder why an ex-soldier like Timothy McVeigh would cause the Oklahoma City bombing, so they say.

Richard W. Slagle, Wardensville, West Virginia