Letter to the Editor: Firefighter staffing meeting not needed


On the clock and getting paid were many called into the unnecessary meeting for the “Fire Station staffing issue being debated” as printed in last week’s Northern Virginia Daily.

Good business runs tight ships and any request by Frederick County should have been referred to the Shenandoah County Emergency Services Department in a simple call transfer. David Ferguson has experience on the Board of Supervisors and now chairs the board, but appears to this writer to have forgotten everything professional and spends a great deal of time (and in this case money), to discredit other board members.

This is not how this citizen wishes my tax increase to be spent — to pay employees to attend a meeting that never should have been called. Without such mismanagement, Ferguson would then have time to volunteer at the Star Tannery firehouse, thus not pointing a finger of “life or death” at District Supervisor Marsha Shruntz.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown