Letter to the Editor: Paper ballots good idea for party canvass


Last Saturday, I had a very good experience voting in the GOP party canvass.

My only complaint about it was the lack of absentee ballots, which could have hindered enough conservatives from voting to have affected the outcome. But overall, it was very well run — just as good as a state-run primary, but with no public funding.

Having paper ballots was a much better idea than using electronic balloting in my opinion, too. I hope the Virginia GOP continues to use this method in the future as opposed to conventions or publicly subsidized primaries.

As a 21-year-old conservative, my biggest problem often with Republican candidates is their failure to live up to their principles and their inability to see the big picture of our society. That is, they rarely are able to address our deep structural problems that impede our economy from working right.

Del. Bob Marshall, with his legislation to streamline business permits, address our financial system’s vulnerability to cyber-terrorism, combat the risk of an EMP attack, etc. was a rare sort of candidate with values AND vision. That is not to say that Del. Barbara Comstock can’t be an excellent successor to Frank Wolfe, but we the people must press her on these issues and others of importance to keep her true to her nice-sounding platform promises of this year.

William Bigelow, Berryville