Letter to the Editor: Survey highlights problems in education system


Last Wednesday morning I read Roger Barbee’s article in the Northern Virginia Daily concerning the general knowledge of the seniors he teaches with great dismay and bewilderment.

Very few of the questions in the survey were answered at an acceptable level of correctness. Most of the questions, in my opinion, had answers of fairly common knowledge.
I am 35 years removed from my senior year of high school and had little hesitancy in correctly answering 24 of the 25 questions.

These results present what should be a scathing indictment of ineptitude and/or lack of concern somewhere in the school system. These poor results come from a system that constantly makes demands for increased revenue, particularly in regard to salary increases.

These results come from a system that received over 10% percent in salary increases since 2012, according to published data.

I am quite sure that the detractors of this survey will soon emerge in an attempt to discredit it using a variety of rationales, but the results speak for themselves.

Barbee should be commended for his concern of his students and their future welfare. I hope his concern is contagious and spreads among individuals in the school system, particularly those most responsible for such a pathetic performance.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg