Letter to the Editor: Ploy in Lawrenceville a breach of the law


Obama and his gangster government have pulled another slick ploy over the American people. This latest one occurred in Lawrenceville, Virginia.

Obama, in collusion with our governor, Terry McAuliffe, have signed off in agreement to dump hundreds of illegal immigrants into this small rural community without local government or townsfolk input. Such a display of wonton disregard of federal, state and local laws to include zoning ordinances should not go unpunished.

If these gangsters get away with this blatant act, what neighborhood is next? Front Royal, Winchester, Luray?

Please contact our federal senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, about this egregious breach of the law. Good luck getting a reply.They’re both committed Obama bootlickers.

P.S. Impeachment anyone?

John J. Gwyer, Bentonville