Letter to the Editor: Warner committed to strengthening state economy


I read in a recent article in a newspaper that Ed Gillespie made his first campaign stop in Harrisonburg as part of his “economic growth” tour. While Gillespie highlighted his plan for economic growth, I found very little in terms of real policy reforms behind the shiny proposal he put out. This must be due in some part to his relatively little economic experience — unlike his Democratic challenger Sen. Mark Warner.

The economy is one of the most important issues in this election. I am extremely concerned that the top 1 percent of Americans received substantial increases in income over the last 10 years while the rest of us have seen no change or a decline in real income. While Gillespie seems to agree, I have little faith that his “plan” will do much to improve our economy. An important aspect in setting up our economy for success is reforming to see a tax levied on Wall Street hedge fund transactions.

As our governor, Warner worked with Republican legislators to pass tax reforms that brought the commonwealth out of a $6 billion deficit and created a $1 billion surplus. As our senator, he has continued his effort to reform our tax system. Since 2010, Warner has put forth a series of tax code reforms, including proposals that encourage start-ups and small businesses.

To Gillespie’s credit, he partially used his stop in Harrisonburg to promote tax and regulatory reforms for businesses in our area. But to me, his “new” ideas sound an awful lot like the work Warner is already doing in the Senate.

I will be voting for Warner come November because of his commitment to strengthening Virginia’s economy and directly addressing the issues we face, which is more than I can say for Gillespie’s policy-light economic plan.

Ronald N. Landis, Basye