Letter to the Editor: Accuracy of charitable giving facts questioned


Guy Miller’s letters to the editor usually get my attention regarding accuracy as did his letter of June 5. So, I decided to search on Gallup Polls, which was the basis for his letter to the editor.

Sure enough, there it was, May 8, a report on surveys of charitable giving of money and volunteered time. There was a minimum 600 polled in each of the 50 states.

Miller’s reporting on this survey is woefully inadequate. About the only state properly labeled is Utah, which was tops in both categories. And wow, how could you place the Southern Republican (your call) states in the top tier when, in fact, not one made it. Six of the bottom 10 are Southern states. Virginia was mid-rated.

Rather than the Washington Post, perhaps Miller was watching Fox?

We should be gentle with our judging of others. It seems that I recall some reference to this in the Bible.

Gerald Buttram, Woodstock