Letter to the Editor: Caring for others is a personal mandate


I am sickened by ultra-liberal professed non-Christians such as Andy Schmookler and Gene Rigelon sanctimoniously lecturing conservatives or Republicans repeatedly in these pages on how they should follow Jesus by supporting government programs that transfer wealth to the “deserving” poor.

The first thing they don’t comprehend is that Jesus never shared their infatuation for government. He demonstrably opposed confiscating taxes from the people to pay for government programs, and he certainly was no fan of government power. In fact, it was the government that actually tortured and executed him merely for expressing his ideas.

In John 21, when Jesus looked Peter in the eye and commanded him [and us] three times to “Feed my sheep,” he pointedly did not say, “Have your government feed my sheep.” His instruction to love our neighbors and care for others was a personal, individual mandate for each of us to carry out in our own lives.

The Washington Post on May 25 reported a Gallup survey regarding the charitable giving in all 50 states as a percentage of median disposable income. The top nine states in personal giving to charity in order were Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Idaho, Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina — among the most conservative/Republican states in the nation. The seven stingiest states for charitable giving in order were New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Wisconsin, a virtual Who’s Who of our most liberal/Democratic states.

When it comes to personal action rather than words, by Gallup’s data, conservative Republicans do the most actually to follow Christ’s commands, and liberal Democrats demonstrate they tend to be generous only with other people’s money.

Guy E. Miller, Woodstock