Letter to the Editor: Connie Schultz has it wrong about Bergdahl


It appears that Connie Schultz is at it again, covering for the Obama administration over the recent trade of five high-ranking Taliban commanders for one U.S. deserter: Bowe Bergdahl.

In her column in the Daily this week, She prattles on at length about a parent’s love for their son, but I’m not sure how that makes it OK for Bergdahl to desert his unit and go AWOL in a combat zone. I hope she is just as concerned for the thousands of parents who lost their sons and daughters in combat fighting wicked radical Islam, as she is for this deserter!

And how about those brave heroes who lost their lives searching for this deserter, as was reported by several of those who were in Bergdahl’s unit. It seems that Schultz would choose to believe the liberal New York Times “reporting” over those brave men who were eyewitnesses of these events.

Then she couldn’t resist taking a shot at Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for saying that Bergdahl’s father “looked” like a Muslim when he showed up at the White House with a beard, speaking Arabic and praising Allah. She says that O’Reilly could go to Holmes County, Ohio and meet “countless Mennonites who smile behind beards similar – suspiciously so, in Fox parlance – to Robert Bergdahl’s.” Really Shultz? How many of those bearded Mennonites are speaking Pashto and praising Allah?

G.A. Settle, Front Royal