Letter to the Editor: Does the new jail offer yoga?


Wow, our new regional jail just got closer to treating detainees like Gitmo!

To quote an article on the jail in the Northern Virginia Daily this week, “Fleming said the existing Warren County jail has some places where there is no natural light or view outside, but the new facility will allow inmates to look out into enclosed recreation spaces to view the weather conditions and the passage of daytime and nighttime.”

Cable TV and a basketball court — a deterrent? To me, I think not. I would think the jail would be designed to be the last place in the world you would ever want to go again!

I once had a mentally challenged client spend the night in the Woodstock jail for drinking in public. When I picked this person up, he told me it was miserable. I asked if a bed was provided (yes), water to drink (yes), food to eat, (yes), heat or air conditioning, (yes).

I replied that I thought that was better than some folks have had and added that if I were in charge I’d change two things about that. First, there would be one big room, and second, a sleeping bag would be provided. My point is that one should not feel comfortable in breaking the law.

A warehouse façade would have been cheaper. Thank you Sherriff Timothy C. Carter for being against such waste and of thinking of law-abiding Shenandoah County citizens.
My electric rates are going up, water costs are outrageous, but the inmates will surely enjoy the free electricity and shower after shooting some hoops!
I wonder if the new regional jail offers yoga?

Rex Ingram, Maurertown