Letter to the Editor: Firestorm around soldier is mostly Obama hatred


I want to hear letter writer G A. Settle tell every American man and woman in uniform that as “Decider in Chief” he/she would abandon them to torture and death in captivity under the Taliban rather than do whatever it takes to bring them home. I assume he/she would make the same decision to abandon a soldier or marine captured by the enemy during heroic action in combat, depending on the “circumstances” of course.

Apparently, for Settle, Bowe Bergdahl’s five years of captivity and torture by the Taliban aren’t quite enough punishment or a strong enough deterrence. Apparently national ostracism and distain for Bergdahl and his parents, thanks to the firestorm of hatred created by Fox News and others, isn’t quite enough punishment. I suppose as “Decider in Chief” Settle would add an additional life sentence in a military prison, or perhaps death by firing squad?

The attitudes and statements by some members of Bergdahl’s unit are certainly understandable and legitimate. However, the immediacy of the orchestrated “swift boat” attacks against Bergdahl in order to inflame public opinion seem somewhat suspicious but not surprising. If lives were lost because of Bergdahl’s actions, then he should be held accountable. But it’s irresponsible to accuse and sentence him long before all the facts are available.

As to the five extremely dangerous middle-aged Taliban leaders, if and when they get close to a combat zone, kill them. Or better yet, kill them when they leave Qatar, or even in Qatar.

By the way, I didn’t read one word of praise from Settle for the outstanding men and
women in uniform who planned and executed the flawless 60-second extraction of Bergdahl under very dangerous conditions.

In the end, this national firestorm about whether the United States is obligated to do everything possible to bring an American POW back home or abandon him to die in captivity is mostly about Obama hatred. Unfortunately, an immature young soldier and his parents are going to pay an enormous price for the rest of their lives because of it.

Gene Taylor, Edinburg